Hi Bryan,

Well – YOU WON! My picky little guy LOVED the chicken cheese wrap – I could not believe my eyes when he gobbled it down! SO, w/ my tail between my legs i just had to write and tell you how much he loved it. I will definitely have to go on your co’s. website to order some – thanks for talking me into buying it.

—Beth Rosner

I had to write to tell you that I think you guys are great. I ran across your stand at the Pet Expo in Edison NJ in February and bought my dog the hot dog with american cheese on top. When I got home, he devoured it. I then ordered more from you and was thrilled when I got your little “thank you bag”. In it was a peanut butter canoli. Needless to say, I am constantly ordering from you for these two special items. My dog is the fussiest eater and will not eat many different things…..these two treats keep him occupied beyond belief!!!

—Thank you, Alecia Sand

I would like to thank you, once again, for a quick delivery. My guy was getting worried, he only saw a couple of biscuits in his cannister!!! I told him not to worry (besides there are backups in the freezer, Mom’s not stupid).
I LOVE the fish! They are so cute!!!!! What a wonderful idea. And thank you for the extra gift for Tedi! I hadn’t said thank you before, my error. But it is always a pleasant surprise. Though, since I live in Virginia, I won’ be making too many trips to SussexCounty, but if I can convince one of my relatives still living in Jersey to go……

—Thank you once again! Wendy and Tedi.

I thought you’d like this photo that I took of my little guy, Lukey, enjoying your wonderful White Sniff-N-Tail that I purchased at the Pet Expo in Scranton. It’s a winner in my five pooch household!

—Janie Lamberton

I have no problem with you attaching the pics. I also signed up for an account. To this day, my pups are still chewing on their mutkins. I have never had a bone last so long with big dogs.

—Thanks again,

Hi ,
Thank you so much you are a great person to deal with ..I can tell you already Cynders will enjoy the treats .Every treat I got her at the sporting show she sure did enjoy !!!. Have a great day !

Thank you Again,

Hi –
I met Brian at the Outdoor Sportsmen Show in January. I’m a volunteer with Eastern GSP Rescue. My GSP, Otis, was SUPER interested in your booth at the event.

I purchased a bunch of items during that weekend and I wanted to let you know that my lab, Thelma, LOVES the treats too. My dogs have never acted this way for treats. I store them in an extra refridgerator in my basement and I’ll often find them sitting on the stairs to the basement just staring at the fridge. They LOVE them.

My order below is for my mom who adopted one of our rescue dogs, Jake. She saw the body/paw wipes I bought and wanted some for Jake. I couldn’t order just that as I’m sure Jake would like to try some treats too. Just wanted to say Thanks and I look forward to
placing many more orders in the future.


Hi Ryan,
Guess I was a little late in getting back to you. I just received the new package today and I believe overkill was the way to go in packaging… 😉 The bowl survived the delivery this time. Thank you so much for sending a new gift. I wasn’t expecting the extra treats, it was a nice surprise. Hunter and Bailey (my labs) thank you too. It has been wonderful dealing with Annie’s Pooch Pops.

—Thanks again,

Just a quick note to thank you for the holiday baskets. I purchased two – one for my dog and one for my son’s dog. What a great presentation. They absolutely love them and look forward to their special treat every evening. I will be ordering again next year – if not sooner.


Hi Annie. My name is Kathy, we met at the Edison NJ show on 12/2. I bought 2 Muttkins to occupy my 2 “Hooligans” (you may recall the story- I just adopted “the girls” from a pet rescue-they were from South Carolina…and they are HOOLIGANS and answer to me calling them the Hoodlums)

They LOVED their muttkins….and loved them again when I froze it with peanut butter. I see you are in CT, at Addison Corporate on 12/21. Is this a private show? Or a public event. My girls could use more treats….which allow me tme to sleep! I can get 3 hours in while they chomp on a Muttkin.

Please let me know. Thanks again for the great snack advice!


Very kind and great customer service! I’ve been telling everyone I know!


Thanks Ryan,
Purchased one of these from you booth at the Boston Craft Fair, and my 100lb plus Lab – was the first treat that kept him busy for a few hours… Great product, and thanks for getting back to me. —Cathleen

Thanks for your wonderful product. We went to the Dulles Pet Expo (Chantilly VA) last year and have been trying to find your product since then. We freeze your mutkins for our chocolate lab and our great dane. We bought the third for a “doggie birthday party” and we know they’ll love it as well. You have an excellent product and we look forward to buying more!


Hi Bryan,
Met you at the Covered Bridge Festival. I’m in the sw suburban Chicago area (Lemont), and you said if I emailed, you could give me some reputable distributors in my areas for good dog food. Our two small dogs were on Ultra Nutro and we’re moving them up from puppy food. You gave me a list of your preferred brands including innova and wellness. What do they have that Ultra Nutro doesn’t?

Thanks much and our dogs just LOVE the Two of everything that I brought home!


I found your items at the NYState Fair. I had the opportunity to return to the Fair which enabled me the chance to pick up some more of the muttkins.

Your products are wonderful! and am so glad I found them.


Hi my name is Sharon. We purchased 2 large muttkins (not sure if these were the monster or mega size) for our Rhodesian Ridgeback’s at the Sussex County Fair. Since one of them was away showing, I froze them until they were both at home.

Both Jeter, our 2 year old dog and Jessie, our 14 month old bitch have been at them for over 2 hours now and look like they’re going to be busy for quite awhile. Believe me, they usually devour most chew items in a very short time.

Nice product as were the Hot Doggie’s and the Cheesy Chicken Roll-Ups.

We definitely will be repeat customers!

—Sharon, Jeter & Jessie

Hi, I was at the nys fair today and I told the salesman my dog was very fussy about her treats. He guaranteed she would like the chicken wrap and she tore it up!! She is a shitsu poodle mix and she loved it. I will be ording more for her. Thanks!!

—Mary from New York