Heavy snowfall season is upon us! It gives most folks a chance to hit the paws button for a little while to bond with their families, furry members especially. Some pooches can be very skeptical of the snow at first, while others are extra confident and can’t wait to go to battle with the curiously fluffy cold stuff. Here are 5 fun activities for your dog in the snow.

Fetch! Where’d it Go?

Dogs absolutely love a good challenge like this and it coincides perfectly with their nature.   Watching your paw-tner in wintertime fun fumble around when their favorite toy of choice gets launched, then disappears into powdery inches will be a laugh riot. When the mystery is solved, the look of happiness and achievement on your pooch’s face will have you in stitches! Best believe they’ll be coming back for more.  

Tunnels and Mazes

One scenario: remember those “extra confident in the snow” furbabies we mentioned earlier? They can tend to turn into bull-dog-zers when you first open the door after a decent snowfall. The joy they’ll have tunnelling or plowing through the fluff is second to none. Second scenario: for those with smaller or more timid pups, try digging them their very own path from the door to get them a bit acclimated. The discovery of snowy delight is sure to follow.


This is specific fun if you have children and your dog has a knack for rope play or tug of war. Having your furry friend pull around your little ones on a sled or even a trash can lid is fun for the whole family. Simply hand the team a long rope and watch the action. The kids will love it and your pooch will feel like a real su-paw-star!  

Wag, You’re It!

This is pretty self explanatory. Everyone plays some version of tag with their canine counterparts. Snow just makes it that much more fun. Try making a snow angel with your pup while you’re at it. The tendency to mimic this action and/or the concern is absolutely hilarious!    

Extra Cuddles

This activity will undoubtedly take place after a fun romp around in the snow. You and your furbaby warming up together (after your pup is dry of course) is a great way to cap off the wintertime adventure. You’ll undoubtedly all be tuckered out and the tired joy from your pooch will bring some of the best cuddles. This is also a great way to spend some quality time with your furry friends that may not be into the snow. Bonus if you have a fireplace!

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