In good times and bad, our four-legged family members are always there to bring us joy, companionship, and love. No matter your mood on a particular day, your dog is your reliable paw-tner who can lift your spirits and remind you of the important things in life. Let’s all make a resolution this year to spoil them just a little bit more to show how much they mean to us. Time to plan some fun things to do with your dog in 2021!

Old Dog, Young Pup, Learn a New Trick

Depending on how long you’ve been training your dog, your furbaby has likely already mastered playing fetch and rolling over. Those, however, are just the most basic of tricks that you could teach them. There is also the army crawl, the salute, and the handstand.  Master these and your fellow dog parents will be inspired to start their own training!

Have a Doggy Birthday Party

Even if you are unsure of your pup’s exact birthdate, throwing a birthday party is a great excuse to get the whole gang together. Has your dog made friends with your friends’ and family’s pups? Or perhaps you have a crew at your local dog park that always seems to have a blast together? Plan ahead and invite them and their parents to the park and throw a bash! And when you need a treat to place the candle in and sing happy birthday…may we suggest Annie’s Peanut Butter Cannolis?

Enjoy a Stay at a Pet-Friendly Hotel 

Though as of this posting overnight stays may not be a realistic option, planning for down the road is always a fun and smart idea. Dogs are welcomed guests at some of the most exciting accommodations across the U.S. So if your pup travels well, plan a mini-vacay for the two of you. Splurge on some of the amenities — many places offer pet pampering packages — or just bring your favorites treats from home. Both of you will enjoy the adventure involved in exploring somewhere new. Treat yo’ selves!

Go for a Run Together

Nothing tires out a pup with lots of energy like a long run. Some dogs are better suited for longer distances than others, so consider your pup’s health, the temperature outside, and always bring fuel, like treats and water. If you have a real runner on your hands — as in, a dog that’s prone to running off — it’s key to get a leash specially made for running. Admit it — you were looking for motivation to follow through on your resolution this year. Now you have a willing paw-tner! 

Some Seasonal-Specific Fun Things to Do with your Dog

  • Fall/Winter
    • Frolic in the Leaves– Cleaning up your yard from the fallen leaves just got a whole lot more fun with the pup joining in on the game. You might not get a lot of actual work done, but you’ll get plenty of laughs out of it! And if you don’t have a yard, find a park or equivalent where there’ll be leaves to play around in.
    • Romp in the Snow– It’s always tough to get motivated for walks during the cold, dark months. But when there is some snow on the ground….well, you know. Your pup will love romping through the fresh powder. And as a bonus, you’ll get plenty of beautiful pics for posting to social media. (Be sure to tag us @AnniesPoochPops because we love getting pictures!)
  • Summer/Spring
    • Stand Up Paddleboard– A stand-up paddleboard just happens to fit more than one person, so you can easily have room for a smaller-to-medium-sized dog. Take your adventurous little friend on a leisurely ride down a scenic river or across a smooth lake.
    • Go for a Swim- If Fido doesn’t already know how to swim, no time is better than the present (or when temperatures allow). To make the training process easier and safer, make the necessary preparations such as providing clean water to drink, bringing a flotation vest, and not overdoing it with novices. Start in a shallow part of the water and then just coax them in farther with a toy or a treat. Using a positive tone of voice and giving lots of verbal praise can also go a long way.

Finding fun things to do with your dog is always the best part of your day, week, month, year, life. Let’s always remember to celebrate and enjoy our furry friends as a thank you for giving us so much! When you are looking for treats after sharing in these fun activities, be sure to visit us at Annie’s Pooch Pops for the very best all-natural, homemade doggie snacks.