I’m sure you’ve noticed the term “human-grade” tossed around a lot recently when shopping around for your pooch’s dietary needs. That description simply means edible for us pup-parents, though it might not be suitable for human taste buds. Also, producers must use the same processing and packaging guidelines that a “people food” company would. At Annie’s Pooch Pops, our ingredients and production are 100% human-grade and here are 5 reasons why we’re proud of that status.    


With human-grade ingredients, your furbaby is getting the freshest possible treat on the market. Many “standard” dog food and treat companies utilize unnecessary preservatives that aren’t beneficial for your paw-tner’s digestive system. All of our goodies at Annie’s are handcrafted with only fresh and vital ingredients!   

Aesthetically Paw-leasing

Both you and your canine companion will be thrilled with the sight of their human-grade treat. The freshness and craftsmanship are apparent both visually and aesthetically in most human-grade pooch products, leaving your pup feeling like dog-gone royalty with their fancy snack.       

Rawhide Fur-ee

Rawhide is very common in dog treat production and while pooches love the tough material, it’s not the safest for our four-legged friends. Digestive irritation, blockage and choking can occur with rawhide based treats. Don’t fret for your pet with Annie’s Pooch Pops, all of our products are rawhide free!    

Te-ruff-ic Taste

From Peanut Butter Cannolis to Mighty Muttkins™, human-grade treats are not only healthier, but also some of the yummiest delicacies to ever hit your furry friend’s tastebuds. You’ll certainly get a kick out of witnessing their first “upgraded” T-R-E-A-T experience. After the silence of satisfied indulgence, their grrr-atitude will be immense! 

Howls-hold Participation

Do you think of ways to involve your furbabies into common family activities? Using human-grade treats is a great way to let them know that you’re all enjoying a snack together with a sensory explosion of smell, taste and sight (see our Happy Dog Meals). The feeling of inclusion is very important for your pup and this is an extraordinary way to make that happen.