Annie set out over 15 years ago to provide the pet industry with a super premium gourmet treat that was healthy and aesthetically appealing to both pet and owner. It wasn’t easy in the beginning as many of her friends didn’t really accept the idea of cooking for pets (little did they know she was way ahead of her time). The public did however embrace the extra special treats and purchased as much as she could bake in a week, every week. Over the next couple of years, Annie developed more fantastic treats and a solid client base to go along with them.

The business began to outgrow the kitchen and Annie decided it was time to look for help. Her son Bryan and friends took a look at what she had developed and decided to join the cause. We felt the potential was unlimited and began to develop the product line further. The first move was a bigger facility. A working restaurant that was rented overnight would fill that bill until our bakery was readied. Cooking from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. wasn’t easy but the crew, with additional help from friends, began to see treat sales take off. After six months and no sleep we moved into a converted 4000 square foot barn in Northern New Jersey horse country. We then out grew that location and moved into another facility with much more space to handle our ever expanding production.

We continue to produce the highest quality, best looking, gourmet dog treats on the market. Our product line continually evolves as it expands . Our promise to you and your pets is that they are always going to get the freshest, best looking, tastiest, handmade treats that we can possibly make. Please visit us on the road at one of our many shows or here on the web. Please join our mailing list for future updates and coupon offers.

Best regards,
Annie, Bryan, and the rest of our Crew