It’s quite a two way street, inviting a furry friend as a permanent member of your life. Your pup is very appreciative to have you in their life; with every walk, meal, cuddle and clean-up. We, as pet parents are equally so fortunate to have our canine companions. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a fun list of why we’re lucky to have our pups (even if your furbaby isn’t having the most well-behaved day).    

Dog-tor Thera-pup

Ruff day? Coming home to your four-legged buddy can really turn things around if things aren’t going well for you. A pooches intuition can be very strong when we’re feeling down or under the weather. No matter what may be circling around within your personal or professional life, your pup is gonna be there for you. Ain’t that the sweetest?     

Exercise Paw-tner

Your furry friend may have energy that just won’t quit, making them the perfect catalyst to get you up and moving too! Regularly taking a run with your canine companion can be very rewarding. On top of the exercise you both get out of it, performing activities like this together amplifies the connection between the two of you!  

Road Dogs!

Hitting the road for the weekend? Your pooch can be an excellent travel companion for camping trips, hiking excursions and beach days. Try something new and treat your furbaby to an un-fur-gettable experience on your next getaway. You’ll both come out of it feeling very fortunate to have each other! 

Arf-ficer Woof

Whether you’re building a family or living the single life, your personal security should be a daily concern. Just the mere presence of a pup by your side can truly alleviate uneasy feelings of being home alone or walking the streets at night. Also, for those of you with little ones, your four-legged friend can be very protective of the smaller members of your household.

Purest Com-paw-nionship 

One aspect that remains consistent throughout anything to be thankful for with our furbabies is their steadfast companionship. Through good times and bad, your pooch is happy to be at your side through all the squeak balls life can pitch at you. That is one of the greatest privileges in the world as a dog parent. 

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and show your dog how lucky you are to have them around with Annie’s Pooch Pops!