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Champion Chewers,
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Muttkins™ satisfy your tough chewer with a heavy-duty beef marrow bone that can withstand hours of chomping fun.

No rawhide here! Muttkins™ are made with a beef femur bone to keep your tough chewer satisfied.

Feel grr-eat about how you’re treating your pooch! Muttkins™ are hand-made with human-grade ingredients sourced in the USA.


What is a Muttkin™?

A Muttkin™ is a heavy-duty dog bone made from cattle born, bred, and harvested in the USA.  Annie’s Pooch Pops selects only the strongest beef bones from a steakhouse supplier.  We double the pleasure by wrapping the bone in a peanut butter biscuit and slow-roast the Muttkin™ to savory, beefy perfection.


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  • Original Muttkin™

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  • Mega Muttkin™

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Muttkin™ Testimonials



“Our dogs cannot get enough of the Mega Muttkins. They love the biscuit around the middle, but go on to work on the bone for months or even years later. I can’t tell you how many stripped down bones we have all around the house. My husband thinks we don’t need anymore, but I just ordered six more.

Shhh! It’s their favorite treat!”

- Melissa A

January 2021

What Size Muttkin™ Should I Get My Pooch?



Muttkin™ Size Guide

Muttkins™ are available in three primary sizes:

  • Monster: This is BIG.  A full femur bone.  Best for the largest of large dogs.
  • Mega: A 7-to 8-inch portion of the femur bone between joints.  Best for medium-and large-sized dogs.
    • Due to the variable nature of bone density, we offer the Mighty size option for thinner bones.
  • Original: A 2-to 3-inch portion of the femur bone between joints.  Best for small-and medium-sized dogs.
    • Due to the variable nature of bone density, we offer the Mini size option for thinner bones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to freeze a Muttkin™?

A: A Muttkin™ is a perishable product since we keep the Tasty Bits on the bone to maximize flavor.  When you receive your delivery, we ask that you either freeze the bone for future use or give it to your pooch within 1-2 days.  After your pooch chews off the Tasty Bits and Peanut Butter Biscuit, you can leave the Muttkin™ out for your pooch to chew at his/her leisure.

Q: Is a Muttkin™ safe to give to my pooch?

A: We only use a femur bone, which is one of the strongest bones in a cow. Like all dog chew treats, you should only provide a Muttkin™ to your pooch with proper supervision. If the bone splinters or breaks, please discard it immediately.

Q: Do you ship nationwide?

A: We ship throughout the continental US during the fall and winter. However, due to the perishable nature of a Muttkin™, during warmer summer months we only ship to locations within a 2-3 day delivery area from our bakery in Eastern Pennsylvania.

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